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Hi! I’m Jonathan Shippey

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Therapist, & Advanced Clinical Trainer with the Gottman Institute

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Couples Therapy

One-on-one sessions in-person or via Telehealth to help couples communicate better, understand each other’s needs and build stronger relationships

Couples Workshops

Join the millions of couples around the world who have benefited from the Gottman Method for healthy, lasting relationships

Using the world-famous Gottman Method

Certified Gottman Therapist & Advanced Clinical Trainer with the Gottman Institute

Are you and your spouse or partner having a difficult time? Are you experiencing diminishing trust, intimacy, or friendship in your relationship?

Jonathan has trained extensively with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, who are known worldwide for their groundbreaking research and insights into what works in couples therapy. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Jonathan is one of only 25 Gottman Institute Advanced Clinical Trainers worldwide. 

This method is based on the research and therapeutic experience of Drs. John and Julie Gottman that began in the 1970s and continues to this day. The Gottman method focuses on what makes relationships last happily and creates a safe place for partners to learn to interact more lovingly during sessions. Jonathan will serve as your facilitator, equipping you with research-based ways of not only expressing your feelings and needs, but also attending and responding to your partner’s feelings and needs. From the Gottman Institute’s deep observational research, you can learn and/or reclaim your sense of friendship with each other. Rekindle feeling liked, admired, and cherished, even when navigating conflict. Jonathan will  help you understand and maximize your relationship’s strengths and also lovingly navigate its vulnerabilities and challenges with a sense of togetherness. Build or return to a sense of
“We are together vs. our challenges”.

Couples therapy

Are you and your partner in a healthy relationship?

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“Jonathan is a great presenter and a fine therapist…  Julie and I use his services regularly for our retreats, and he’s great. A really nice man, very sensitive and a great presenter.”

John Gottman

Founder, The Gottman Institute

The wealth of knowledge, the emotional maturity, and the opportunity to truly dig deep into discovering my emotions, needs, and dreams was incredibly valuable…  Very impressive.”



“Seeing you helped me with all the pain from betrayal. Today, even if I make myself go back and think about it, that trauma and pain just is not there anymore. Thank God!”



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